A contract in NK

"I just need you to get confirmation that the article of this "new superman" is not a hoax" Luthors voice boomed threw the speaker

"You wish to hire me for a detective job?" There was a hint of nervousness still in Flynts voice, he can still remember the terror when he accepted his first job from Luthor it was a simple guard mission, just make sure no one enters a blacksite for a few days. Usually a job like that wouldn't be worrying at all but, the fear of messing up something for Luthor made his blood run cold.

Luther lets out a condescending laugh
"Don't think about it like that...... think about it like a surveillance mission just scope the area then tell me if you see anything.... it wont last too long maybe a week." It was obvious is Luthors voice he was teying to make the mission as appealing as possible "Now i have to get going as you can imagine i am a very busy man i will send you the finer details of the mission and, we will discuss pay when you are finished."

And like that Flynt was left alone in is home to prepare for this mission, admittedly it was his favorite part of every mission going to the armory and picking out the perfect gear this one was gonna be difficult though, if there is a new superman the best Flynt can hope to do is evade and hide. After hours of thinking Flynt had found out what he was takeing with him for wepons he came up , two lead lind smoke gernades, one .308 caliber carbine with a 10x scope, one .45ACP tactical pistol and one knife and for armor he chose light weight paded carbon fiber and of course his mask. Now it was time to depart.

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