Daddy's orders

Vincent hated following orders and he'd usually been able to weasel out of any but 'dad' insisted under pain of losing his favorite ship, the villa on the south shore, and three chicks he was banging being shot into space that he had to follow orders this time. So begrudgingly, he did. He loved that ship and villa.

Vincent was in no real danger and they'd sent a team twice as large as necessary to a supposed site where some rebels were supposedly plotting against the king and NK. Whether it was or not, he'd been given strict orders to wipe it all out and if it wasn't, make it look like it had been. For those loyal, they needed occasional reports like this in the news. It kept them fearing the rebels and needing the king.

Vincent hadn't even bothered coming up with a strategy this time. He had twice the men he needed and that's if his intel was correct. Intel was usually exaggerated, some peon looking to score points made things always sound worse than they were, so he just sent the first wave of cannon fodder in knowing even if it was what the intel had said, the second wave would have no problems taking care of anything left.

"Attack," he said not even looking up from tablet he was holding, playing some game on with one hand and sipping Earth espresso in the other. At least Earth had one good thing to offer. Nothing like coffee, at least anything as good in Vincent's opinion, existed on NK...

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