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Summary: A single mother trying her best

Mary Vinn

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Gender: Female

Age: 40

Group: Other


British Scandinavian
Her ex-husband is in jail
Her son is Joseph


She actually knows a lot about human history and their many languages. She is also a great cook.

Human/Anthromorph: Type


Physical Appearance

She as a soft face, brown hair and brown eyes. She has pale skin and a silm build. She is only 5'1 in height, her son towers over her.

Personality and interests

She is soft spoken, kind, very friendly, has a good sense of humor, cares for her son, open minded, and a bit clumsy.


Mary lived a normal school life, with a loving family. However she as often bullied and picked on, which resulted in her entering a depressive state. She met Joseph's father as soon as she graduated, the two almost fell instantly in love and got married two years later, Mary used her time to geta degree and became a librarian. However when Joseph was born, she found out about her husband's illegal actions, he became aggressive to her and threatened her. Thankfully a neighbor found out what was going on and called the cops. She got a divorce as soon as he was arrested, and now she lives a single life, trying to be the best mother.

Favourite Sayings

"Oh dear." -When something bad happens.

"Little Storm"-What she calls Joseph

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Image of Mary Vinn
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