Back in town- Revised

He walked down the steps leaving the private Jet to the two men standing next to the black Chevrolet suburban Behind Vamir was Amber looking around as she followed Vamir. Ryo stood smiling "welcome back Master Vamir," the aid said over the sound of the jet. Vamir nodded to him as he got into the SUV. Amber got in on the other side. The personal driver and security protection for Vamir loaded their luggage in the back of the SUV and got into the diver's seat. "Master Vamir are we going to the Silverbeach Estate?" Ailmar asked. "Yes we are thank you" replied Vamir.

On their way to the estate. Vamir got his update from Ryo on what was going on at the estate, the school, and other businesses. Virmir was quiet most of the trip little nervous about the start of school. Vamir looked over to Amber "So ready for this" he asked her. She grinds "yes, cant wait to see what trouble I can start," she said sarcastically. Vamir laughs "I could imagine" he replied. Ryo let out a sigh "ok, guys none of that" he said.

Looking at Ryo Vamir asks "Did you send out the invitations for the back to school party at the estate?" Ryo looked at his Ipad "yes Master Vamir would you like to see the list?" Ryo asked. Vamir gave a reinsuring smile. "no I trust you." Ryo looked back at his Ipad "as you wish Master." he replied.

They arrive at the estate Ryo opened the door for Vamir he gets out and walked into the house. The 6 servants in a line greet him as he walks by. He walks into the living room and sits Amber sits across from him. the Finnish up the business at hand. Vamir sends out a few texts to people he knows telling them he is back in town.

the invitation says:
Please join us for a back to school party.
Hosted by Vamir Ellisare Silvertree
at his Silver beach estate at 7 PM
give the address on beach drive.
Please, let us know if you and a guest are coming call and the phone number.
( invitations for the back to school party at the estate is for all characters.)

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