The Launch of the USS Yonada, NX-1009

Location Special Lunar Annex of the Utopia Planitia Starfleet Ship Yards
Capt. Niles James McCulloch and his assistant, Lt. Trevor Andrew-II-A4A are just finishing their final inspection circuit of the giant Space Frame 'containing' the just Refitted/ Refurbished former Fabrini Asteroid Ship "Yonada", now the Officially Registered Star Fleet Starship/Mobile Star Base: "USS Yonada, NX-1009".

"She's One Big Mother isn't She?" beams Capt. Niles James McCulloch, proudly, to Lt. Trevor Andrew-II-A4A, as they look at the USS Yonada, NX-1009, as they head toward Her Main Shuttle Bay (SB).

"She is That, Capt. ", confirms Lt. Trevor Andrews as he pilots their Shuttle in, with door closing behind them. Landing the Shuttle Squarely on a SB docking pad, they await confirmation of SB Pressurization (SBP).

Lt. Andrews opens the access hatch of their two-man shuttle on receiving SBP confirmation from the SB's Flight Deck Control Station (SB-FDCS). They Disembark making their way to SB's transit area a waiting the arrival Captain Lacey Burke, USS Njord's Executive Officer.
( A Few Hour Later...)
The USS Njord, NCC-22806 approached the USS Yonada, NX-1009, Space Frame, carefully, parking at a safe distance "in Station Keeping", from the frame.

Aboard, The USS Njord, Captain Lacey Burke, the ship's Executive Officer, watched from the Bridge's Main Viewscreen, not actually eyeing the USS Yonada, but instead watching the Moon and the stars beyond. She was anticipating what she was getting her self into.

Later, silently, she piloted the controls of one the USS Njord's Armored Shuttle by muscle memory alone, not even glancing at Its Display Monitors.
This may have been routine, but complacency kills, attacks could come at any time, and anywhere.
The Shuttle flew as though on auto pilot, entering the USS Yonada, Main Shuttle Bay and Landing the Shuttle Squarely on a SB docking pad. They, the Capt. and her copilot awaited confirmation of SB Pressurization. As soon as the confirmation of pressure and atmosphere was sent, she stood from her chair, grabbed her duffel bag from the floor and, and exited the craft, barely looking around the shuttle bay (SB).
After making her way to SB's transit area she was greeted by Capt. Niles James McCulloch and his assistant, Lt. Trevor Andrew-II-A4A, as USS Njord's Shuttle was being pivoted into launch position, as the bay depressurized.

"Welcome Aboard! Captain Burke, I'm Acting Ship's Capt. Niles James McCulloch and this my assistant, Lt. Trevor Andrew-II-A4A. ", Capt. McCulloch said cordially .
" Sorrow about the lengthy disembarking procedure, Capt. Burke." stated Lt. Trevor Andrews dryly in 'greeting', adding, "We'll have the Shuttle Bay Door Force Fields up eventually."

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