Getting Down to Business

After Capt. McCulloch shows Acting, CSO, Dr. Kuan-yin Tickner, to his quarters.

CSO, Tickner, joins the Capt. in his ready room.
"Well, Dr. Tickner, what do you think of this little enterprise the UFP and Star Fleet has Taken on?" Capt. McCulloch, pointedly asks him. As they wait for Lt. Trevor Andrews and Capt. Lacey Burke.

"Honestly I think IT is the craziest, piece of Refurbishing/Refitting I have ever seen, come down the Pipe.", CSO, Tickner states bluntly as he is sitting across the conference table from the Capt., as pour himself a glass of water. Then stares unblinkingly at Capt. McCulloch, over the rim of the glass as takes a drink puts it crisply back down on the table.

"Nice to, hear your honesty, Dr. .", Niles replies calmly as rolls his empty water glass from hand to hand. " I thought they powers that be, were joking when I was Volunteered, for this grand task, myself." Rolling the Lazy Susann in the middle of the ready rooms conference table, so that the water Pitcher was in front of him.
The Capt. continued as he filled his glass, " That out of the way, Dr. Tickner. We have to play with the Cards Dealt Us."

Pausing to take a sip from his water glass, then adding, "We have to make this Turkey Fly no matter what IT takes. "

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