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Summary: No one can ever tell what this being plans


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Gender: Male

Age: Ancient

Group: Choas


The Immaterium


Choas of change


Tzeentch is known by a hundred thousand titles across the galaxy, amongst them the Weaver of Destinies, the Great Conspirator, and the Architect of Fate.

Physical Appearance

The skin of Tzeentch crawls with constantly changing faces, leering at and mocking onlookers. As he speaks, these faces repeat his words with subtle but important differences, or provide a commentary that throws doubt upon his words. These lesser faces appear and disappear quickly, but the puckered visage of Tzeentch himself remains low down in his chest, so that head and body are one. From above Tzeentch's burning eyes spring two sweeping horns, the spiralling extremities of which crackle with arcane fire.

Personality and Interest

Perhaps the Architect of Fate has plans to overthrow the other Chaos Powers, or to extend his dominion over all the mortal realms. Perhaps not even Tzeentch himself can say for sure. Whatever his ultimate goal, he seeks to achieve it by manipulating the individual lives of humans and xenos alike.


Tzeentch feeds upon the need and desire for change that is an essential part of all life in the universe. All people dream of prosperity, freedom and a better tomorrow. These dreams are not just the preserve of the impoverished or the powerless -- even Imperial Planetary Governors and Imperial Navy battlefleet admirals dream of further riches, or perhaps even an end to their responsibilities to the Emperor.

All these dreams create a powerful impetus for change, and the ambitions of nations create a force that can challenge history. Tzeentch is the embodiment of that force within the Warp. He was the second of the Chaos Gods to come to full sentience within the Warp, sometime during Old Earth's Western medieval period in the 2nd Millennium. His birth marked the maturation of human nations and politics, with all of their implicit intrigues and double-dealings.

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Choas God of Change

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