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Summary: Sometimes known as toasters


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Gender: Male and Female

Age: Varies

Group: Imperium of Man




Adeptus Mechanicus


Skitarii (sing. Skitarius)
Legiones Skitarii,

Physical Appearance

To a man, the Skitarii are warriors born. They take pride in their holy work, glorying in the power of the Omnissiah as He drives them to ever greater feats. Reticules and calibrators pick out targets with uncanny accuracy, Galvanic Rifles bark and servitor-bullets find the skulls of the foe.

Rad Weapons borne with martyr's strength turn the battlefield ever more toxic until it is as befouled as the Red Planet's own wastes. On titanium limbs the Skitarii stalk the war zones of the galaxy, looking from above like the columns of rust-ants that hunt the dunes of Mars.

Their boundless faith in the Machine God and His physical incarnation, the Omnissiah, drives them on without sleep. Their meditations on divinity are rest enough.

Personality and Interest

Their boundless faith in the Machine God and His physical incarnation, the Omnissiah, drives them on without sleep. Their meditations on divinity are rest enough.

Once contact is made with the enemy their pace does not slacken, yet neither does it increase. With the barest of shivers the Skitarii receive doctrina imperatives from Tech-priest masters in orbit. Rifles and carbines are raised to shoulders in perfect unison, and bloody war begins.

Skitarii are used to defend Mechanicus Forge Worlds, manufacturing installations elsewhere in the Imperium and often accompany high-ranking Tech-priests and Magi as their bodyguards. Skitarii also serve as the armed forces that defend the Mechanicus' Explorator vessels that explore the galactic frontier.

Skitarii safeguard the massive war engines of the Centurio Ordinatus as well as Titans on campaign from boarding actions and prevent hostile forces from reaching the war engines' dead zone, where its main weapon batteries are useless.


The Skitarii are the bionic heart of the Adeptus Mechanicus' infantry legions. Their tireless ranks defend the Forge Worlds of the Imperium, annihilate the enemies of the Tech-priests, and fight at the vanguard of the Quest for Knowledge. As the technocracy of the Cult Mechanicus extends its reach into the stars, the cybernetic Skitarii are always at the fore.
Underneath their augmetic battleware, the warriors of the Skitarii Legions are still technically human, yet each has been mutilated, dismembered and extensively rebuilt to better serve the Omnissiah's will. Their manifold augmentation ensure not only their lethality, but also their utmost obedience. Neurosync implants allow the strictly-ordered Skitarii cohorts to fight in perfect concert, each maniple permanently uplinked to their masters via invisible streams of information.

To compare a maniple of Skitarii to a platoon of Imperial Guardsmen is to compare a well-oiled gatling gun to a simple iron hammer. The Skitarii do not simply crush their foes, but instead pitilessly blast them into bloody chunks of flesh. Even as they do so they record every tiny screed of data for later analysis.

Just as the Skitarii upload the martial capabilities of the foe to their masters, the Tech-priests download their own programs into the Skitarii. It is usual practice for a legion's overseer Tech-priests to monitor each battle from a scryer-ship high above. Floating in a sea of data, each Adept sends battlefield commands down via data-tethers to the Skitarii on the planet below.

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