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Summary: A Commissar who been around for a while

Vincent Miles

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Gender: Male

Age: 79

Group: Imperium of Man


Telos XIV


Schola Progenium
Astra Militarum


Lord Commissar

Physical Appearance

Vincent is a dark skinned man, cover in scars from great battles. He has dark brown eyes, which contrast to his whote hair and beard.
Vincent is very physically fit for his age, and is very tall, standing at 6'2 in height

Personality and Interest

Vincent is like most Commissars, strict and sendong fear and admiration to the Guardsmen he commands. However Vincent also has a soft side, something that is a weakness, he however tries his best not to show it. Vincent is very loyal to the emperor, but he doesn't see eye to eye with the Inquisition.


Vincent was the son of another Commissar. When he was young he was taken into Schola Progenium, when his mother died. Vincent would fight many battles and led many men to greater wars. Vincent battled in the Plague Wars, where he fought forces of choas with the assistance of the Space Marine Chapter known as the Ultramarines.
He would lead one more battle with the Ultramarines that would change his life. On the planet of Rekvin III, they fought a Blood Pact that was aided by the Black Legion. In the aftermath of the battle, Vincent found a young boy who didn't just resist the power of choas, but fought them.
The Commissar defended the child from the weath of the Inquisition, and an agreement was made, the battle would be kept secret and the child would live with the Commissar, however of the child began to have abnormalities or Pysker abilities, the Inquisition would act. So Vincent took care of the child, the child became a Guardsmen. Now Vincent continues to fight for the Emperor, but also keeping an eye on his adoptive son.

Pysker abilities(If Any)

No Pysker abilities

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Image of Vincent Miles
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