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Summary: Some things aren't just that lucky

Connar Foulbolt

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Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Imperium of Man


Rekvin III


Imperial Guardsmen
Astra Militarum



Physical Appearance

Connar has shaggy brown hair and grey eyes. He has tanned skin. He is physically fit, more so than average Guardsmen. He has a light scarvover his nose. He has a light shadow growing on his face.
On his back is a burned symbol of the Black Legion, which has been crossed out with larger burn scars.
He stands at 5'11 in height

Personality and Interest

Connar is a loyalist to the Emperor, however he has a bit of a defiance problem, nothing serious, but during th thick of battle Connar acts in attempt to cause more damage to the enemy or to save an ally. He hates Choas and anyone who sells their soul to the heretical forces. Connar is known for hos mouth, but when the time comes, he is a great soldier. Connar doesn't like the Inquisition due to the fact they keep bugging him.


Connar lived a happy life with his parents in Rekvin, however when he was ten years old, the Black Legion and other forces of Choas attacked. Connar parents were slaughtered brutality by the heretics. The Black Legion then beaten and abused Connar, before branding him with their symbol on his back. He heard many voices trying to convince him to join them, to join their gods, but Connar refused.
Connar escaped the Black Legion marines that tormented him, and held a trap for them, whoch resulted in them running into a minefield. Connar somehow survived the attack long enough for Vincent and the Ultramarines to arrive.
After the battle, Connor was taken in by Vincent and raised to be a warrior, Connar became a Guardsman for the Imperium, wanting to make sure what happened to him doesn't happen anymore. However he was also stalked and harassed by the witch hunters.

Pysker abilities(If Any)

He can resist the forces of choas unlike anyone else, more so than a Primarch

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Image of Connar Foulbolt
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