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Summary: We are the law

Raul Chado

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Imperium of Man




Adeptus Arbites



Physical Appearance

Standing at 6'5 with a muscular build, Raul could be mistaken for a space marine scout while in armor. He has dark tan skin and black hair with a mustache.

Personality and Interest

Raul is a firm believer in the lex imperialism, ready to enforce the law no matter what the situation. While on duty he is gruff and serious like most Arbites but is willing to work with other imperial organizations. While off duty he is more approachable and often found in the precinct library reading or in the rec room watching holofilms.


Raised within the scholar progenium of the planet Perlia Raul knows nothing of his past beforehand not even his parents faces. While growing up due to his strict beliefs in the rules of the progenium Raul would be trained by the Arbites taking to them like a fish to water. With the opening of the Great rift the young Arbitrator has fought tooth and nail alongside his brothers and sisters in enforcing the emperor's law.

Pysker abilities(If Any)

No abilities

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Image of Raul Chado
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