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Summary: A fierce Inquisitor

Darven Kunnus

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Gender: Male

Age: 62

Group: Imperium of Man


Holy Planet Terra


Ordo Malleus
The Inquisition


Lord Inquisitor

Physical Appearance

He is large balding mn with a disfigured face, he wears the hood and armor. He has dark colored eyes and light color skin. He stands 6'8 in height, and very muscular for his age.

Personality and Interest

Darven is a cold man, who shows no mercy to heretics, he is always looking for a way to kill heretics and purging anyone who might be a heretic.


He is rose the tanks with his ambition to purge heretics. He was around Rekvin III and tried killing Connor, however he made an agreement with Vincent. Now he looks for any reason to kill Connor if he gets the chance.

Pysker abilities(If Any)

He cannot be corrupted by choas.

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Image of Darven Kunnus
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