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Summary: The Black Knight

Zakgree Jagree

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Gender: Male

Age: 322

Group: Choas


Zilmisis- Daemon World




Choas Lord
The Black Knight of Zilmisis

Physical Appearance

He wear black and gold space marine armor decorated with bones and skull designs. He has tanned skin, he wields a giant axe, half of his face is of a bare skull with sharp teeth, his eye is a bright yellow color. He stands 14 ft tall in height is large in size.

Personality and Interest

Like many choas lords, Zakgree is very power hungry, however he is also very cunning and patient. He can wait for a long time in order to get his mission accomplished. In battle he shows ferocity unlike any other, to gain followers he shows unnatural charm, and when he needs to change his plans, he is fluent like liquid. With these factors all together, he worships all the gods.


Zakgree comes from the planet of Zilmisis, where he was at first tormented by choas. However he swore loyalty to them and rose in the ranks, until he became a powerful champion of Choas.
Later he would become a Choas lord and lead many forces of choas to victory. He was claimed as a myth, for his tactics are strange compared to many others, however the Black Knight is anything but a myth.

Pysker abilities(If Any)

Mind alteration to weaker people
Electronic alteration
Alteration to environment

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Image of Zakgree Jagree
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