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Summary: A problematic toaster

RZ-4484 (Zap)

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Gender: Male

Age: 33

Group: Imperium of Man




Adeptus Mechanicus


Legiones Skitarii

Physical Appearance

Zap wears the normal Skitarii uniform, however his face is hidden and the only visible thing of his face is his eyes, the rest is hidden in darkness. He has a thin shape and stands 5'3 in height

Personality and Interest

Zap is a loyal member of the mechanicus, and us loyal to the any tech preist he is assigned to. However he is known to be extremely curious and individual compared to the others, being a bit of a trouble maker due to the fact he always messes with technology. He is often found running away from other officals and units with bits of tech in his hand. He also causes other problems because of it.


RZ-4484 as known as Zap is known for having a glitch of individually, where no matter how much the tech preist tried, he would always be an individual and have an exterme curiosity to technology. However he is extremely loyal, and wluld never betray the Tech Preist he is assigned to. Of course because of his problem making, he was assigned to Aristaka Vone as a way to torment her in an attempt to make her reveal her vainity, so far Zap is actually done the opposite.

Pysker abilities(If Any)


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Image of RZ-4484 (Zap)
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