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Summary: Keeper of Information

The Keeper

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Gender: Masculine

Age: 247

Group: Imperium of Man




Adeptus Mechanicus
Cult Mechanicus



The Keeper

Physical Appearance

He appears as a hunched over man wearing a ragged red cloak of the cult. He has four bionic limbs and many wires and pipes attached to his mechanical body. His skull seems to be the only thing remaining, however there is a lot of pipes and wire attached to the mouth and the eyes have several mechanical eyes. He is very large and bulky, and stands 9'3 in height even with his hunched stance.

Personality and Interest

The Keeper is very mechanically, only think on logic and orders, denying any access to information unless otherwise by someone with access to the file.


The Keeper is the watcher of all files in the Imperium, he is so good at his job, that almost no one can hack through his systems. He actually ended up as an urban myth to many being, even tech priest.

Pysker abilities(If Any)


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Image of The Keeper
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