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Summary: Those who seek knowledge without care will often lose themselves.


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Gender: Male and Female

Age: Varies

Group: Choas


The Warp
Hell Forge Worlds


The Dark Mechanicus


Traitor Tech Preist
Choas Toasters

Physical Appearance

They appear like many of the Mechanicus Cult, however they have a more choatic twist, and their appearance is more twitsed conpared to thos of the Mechanicus.

Personality and Interest

Because of the nature of their split from the Imperium, these fallen tech-priests lack a central authority or consistent belief structure. As a result, their reigning ideology is far more diverse than that of their former brethren within the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Hereteks may shun the Omnissiah entirely as a false god, worship Him as an extension of Chaos, or simply ignore their former beliefs to focus solely on their research.

Even among the unusually open-minded Explorators of the Adeptus Mechanicus, there are subjects which must be avoided at all cost to remain true to the dictates of the Machine God. A Heretek enthusiastically violates all such strictures, exploring xenos technology, archeotech from the Age of Technology, and dabbling in all facets of technology related to the manipulation of the energies of the Warp.


At the very start of the Great Crusade in ca. 800.M30, the Emperor signed a defining agreement with the Cult Mechanicum, the Treaty of Mars, ensuring their much-needed collaboration to prosecute the unification of Mankind.
Having witnessed the corruption and revolt of the Men of Iron millenia earlier during the Age of Technology, the Emperor forbade the ancient Mechanicum, as part of the agreement, to pursue certain theories and avenues of technology like artificial general intelligence that could easily be corrupted by the power of Chaos.

Two standard centuries later, in the depths of the darkest hours of the Horus Heresy, the Space Marine Legions turned against each other. Yet, they were not the only adepta within the Imperium of Man at that time to be torn apart by civil strife.

The Mechanicum, the tech-priests of Mars and keepers of the secrets of Human technology, dissolved into their own civil war that is known to Imperial historians as the Schism of Mars.

The Renegades, bitter about the interference of the Emperor in their sovereignty and the limitations placed upon their research by the Treaty of Mars, sided with the Warmaster Horus, unleashing dark technologies and dabbling in tech-heresy, before finally being driven from Mars by the resurgent Loyalists.

When the Heresy ended in a pyrrhic triumph for the Imperium at the Siege of Terra, the Renegades fled Imperial space during the Great Scouring into the Eye of Terror alongside the Traitor Legions and into other far corners of the galaxy.

There they became the first Hereteks of the Dark Mechanicum, corrupted tech-priests enthralled to the Warp and heretical technologies long-forbidden to the servants of the Machine God.

As these technophiles embraced their new masters and the Chaotic ways of the Warp, they ignored all of the strictures that the Mechanicum had chosen to embrace, largely out of a concern for the safety of Mankind from certain dangerous and corruptive technologies which had previously presented great threats to the Human race's continued existence.

Consequently, the Hereteks' research often extended specifically towards areas that were forbidden to Loyalist tech-priests. These include the development of true artificial general intelligence, the genetics and physiology of the psyker, technology that made use of or manipulated the power of the Immaterium, and investigations.

Pysker abilities(If Any)

Varies with warp energy and technology.

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