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Summary: Sometimes people fall into choas because of love

Josme Decora

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Gender: Female

Age: 248

Group: Choas


Ophelia VII


Follower of Nurgle


Champion of Nurgle
Maiden of Pestilence

Physical Appearance

Josme stands 6'11 in height, her entire body is a sickly pale green color. She has serval mutations on her body, including twisted spiked flesh, harded blisters, and diseased scales. Her left arm has become a spiked blob of bone and twisted tenrils. She wears broken power armour of blood angel. Surprisingly her body is actually in good condition for being a champion of Nurgle.

Personality and Interest

She is very cheerful and joyful, and surprisingly friendly. She shows great joy and kindness to even her enemies, however she is devoted to Nurgle no matter what her personality may say. She been known to share the "gift" of Nurgle by force feeding people her "meals" which are usually rotting flesh and flith infused with warp energies.


Josme was once a Sister of Battle. No one is clear when she began to fall to choas, but many believe it was during her battle with Plague Knights, where she ws taken back as a prisoner. She was rescued, however over time she kept returning to the Plague Knights. It was later revealed that Josme had formed romantic emotions towards one of her captors, to the point she willing gave herself to Nurgle to live as long as her beloved.

Pysker abilities(If Any)

She can summon and command a swarm of flies.
She also and spread diseases and plagues, and cause mutations to those infected.

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Image of Josme Decora
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