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Summary: Blood lust is a fine way to fall

Kharn the Betrayer

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Choas




Traitor Legion of the World Eaters
The Butcherhorde warband
Follower of Khorne


The Betrayer
Champion of Khorne

Physical Appearance

Khârn is clad in an antique and battered suit of Power Armour from which the left pauldron and arm plate is missing, for reasons unknown. Khârn's battleplate is a testament to the craft of mortals and the iconography of Chaos. Among the first to adopt the red and brass of the Eightfold Path, Khârn and his warriors scoured themselves of all Imperial iconography during the latter days of the Horus Heresy, instead festooning themselves with bloody skulls and gladiatorial chains. The skulls of Khârn's most memorable opponents dangle from chains attached to his belt and arm.

Personality and Interest

Before the Horus Heresy, Khârn was a loyal servant of the Emperor of Mankind, who warily believed that the excessive means the World Eaters employed in battle were necessary for the ultimate success of the Great Crusade. A taciturn warrior with a straightforward approach to battle, Khârn nevertheless was recognised as one of the finest combatants amongst the World Eaters, earning himself a fearsome reputation both on the battlefield and in the duelling pits.

Following the Heresy, Khârn became a devoted Khornate Berzerker, surrendering himself in whole to the Blood God's Eight-fold Path, easily enraged by others' perceived weakness, and eager to kill others for Khorne, irrespective of whether or not they were also his allies.


When the Horus Heresy came, Khârn gladly led his warriors against his brother Space Marines, and his number of kills reached shocking new levels as he followed his master Angron along the road to the attack on Terra itself. During the Siege of Terra, Khârn was at the forefront of the assault.

When Horus was defeated, Khârn already lay horribly mangled upon a mound of corpses. His fellow World Eaters carried away his lifeless remains and fought their way back to their dropships. Once aboard, they discovered that Khârn still lived. Whether Khorne had breathed life back into his Berzerker Champion or Khârn's own relentless spirit simply refused to leave, it is impossible to say, but he benefits from the supernatural protection of his murderous deity to this day.

Since the end of the Horus Heresy, Khârn has been an unstoppable and bloody avatar of Khorne. Khârn is called the Betrayer because of an incident on the Daemon World of Skalathrax. Fighting against the Emperor's Children, the World Eaters needed just one more victory over Fulgrim's warriors before the planet could be claimed in Khorne's name. The battle had to be won before Skalathrax's long, frozen night drew in and killed victor and vanquished alike.

Yet the World Eaters could gain no ground against their foes and were hurled back time after time by the devastating Sonic Weapons of the Noise Marines. Khârn cursed his fellow warriors for failing in the attack and, seizing a Flamer, he torched the nearest buildings in a gesture of contempt. He cut down those who tried to stop him and marched into the gloom, consuming the city in flames as he went and slaughtering all that he found, friend or foe.

Anarchy engulfed the World Eaters as they fell upon each other, and the Legion was irrevocably split into hundreds of individual warbands. Since that bloody day, Khârn has been Khorne's most ardent warrior, hunting the Eye of Terror as the head of a World Eaters warband, slaughtering any worthy enough to be killed in Khorne's name.

Ten millennia later, during the 13th Black Crusade in ca. 999.M41, Khârn's wrath was unleashed upon the Imperium of Man once more, as Khârn joined a few of the most insane of the Khornate Berserkers in battling those legions of the Emperor's warriors flocking to the defence of Cadia.

Pysker abilities(If Any)

He doesn't feel pain, he has great strength, and physical prowess, and other "gifts" from Khorne.

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