Image of Waklis and Amisa

Summary: Two champions together

Waklis and Amisa

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Gender: Male and Female

Age: 332 and 210

Group: Choas


Terra and Ophelia VII


Followers of Tzeentch
Thousands Sons


Champions of Tzeentch


Physical Appearance

Waklis is a large space marine who wears the thousand sons power armor. Under the armor he is a dark skinned man, with tzeentch color eyes and dark braided hair.

Amisa is wears sister of battle armor decorated to match the thousand sons. Her face is covered by a dragonic mask with pointed ears. Her hair is kept short, it's white but has a streak of pink. Her eyes are the same blue as Walkis.

Personality and Interest

Walkis is a deceptive man, who plans for failure and how to act on it. He hates loyalist and finds enjoyment in killing them or breaking them. He deeply cares for Amisa.

Amisa is devoted to Walkis, and very cunning. She is very protective of him and trust him greatly. She amires him and also enjoys killing or corrupting loyalists.


Walkis was once member of the Thousand Sons, of course when the Rubrics event happened, he escaped to become his own champion of Tzeentch.
During his conflicts and his gathering he ran into Amisa, something about her attracted him. He willing went with her as she tried to bring him to her sister superior. Over time he broke her, and soon she became his devoted campion, and she slaughtered her own fellow sisters so the two can escape. They ae now always seen together.

Pysker abilities(If Any)

Great sorcerer powers

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Image of Waklis and Amisa
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