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Summary: Git them ya gitz.

Hellgasher the Darksmasha

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Gender: Neither

Age: 383

Group: Orks




Groff Klan
The Grimmasha warband



Physical Appearance

Hellgasha is a giantic ork that stands 20'10 feet tall, matched with glowing red eyes. It wears gint black armor with metal claws, jaws, clawed feet, and other weaponry, including a giant rocket on his back. He has a skull over his head.

Personality and Interest

Hellgasher is like normal orks, loving to steal, destroy, fight, and smash things. However he shows some kind of cunning and smartz, however he shows some great intelligence as well as great bloodlust.


Hellgasher was an ork who rose the ranks through countless battles, he also grew in power by battling deamons and chaos cultists. As he got stronger, he believed he could do power like the heretics because he was stronger than them. Because of this, many other Orks believed in it, which resulted in Hellgasher becoming a super powered Ork, nearly a demigod to the Orks.

Pysker abilities(If Any)

Hellgasher is powered with red electric power he can contol, he can also call upon storms called Ork Stormz. He can also shrugg of bolter fire, and shows a great healing facto on par with Vulcan.

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Image of Hellgasher the Darksmasha
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