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Summary: Some see more openly than others.

Amovyn Gilshor

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Gender: Male

Age: 522

Group: Eldar







Physical Appearance

Amovyn is a tall Eldar male with pale skin and sharp features. His eyes are a dark brown while his hair is long and black. He wears the Farseer armor of the Eldar and stands 6'7 in height.

Personality and Interest

Amovyn as a Farseer can see the future and gain visions. Surprisingly, Amovyn in reality doesn't see humans as arrogant lesser beings as many would, he does see hope for them and believes that the two races similarities isn't a convenience. He is actually very humble and will act whenever he sees Eldar and humans in danger.


Amovyn was raised in craftworld society, and he focused on his power as a pysker. As he got stronger, he ended up becoming a Farseer. Many if his campaigns against chaos was assisted by humans. Unlike other commanders, Amovyn sees hope in humanity, but most importantly, the Emperor. He believes that the Emperor is the being that will save the galaxy, and if the Eldar are to be united, the Emperor must be healed using Isha's tears. By doing so, Eldar will unite with humans and began to finally rid the galaxy of chaos.

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Image of Amovyn Gilshor
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