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Summary: The Blade

Shas'Ui Elsy'eir Var'mor

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Gender: Female

Age: 33

Group: Tau




Fire Caste


The Blade

Physical Appearance

Shas'Ui is a tall Tau female with long red hair, she stands 6'3 tall. She wears the common Tau armor, however she also weilds a large sword which she uses in combat.

Personality and Interest

Shas'Ui cares deeply for people, unlike many Tau, she understands the meaning of close combat. Unlike most Tau, she doesn't believe too much in the Greater Good, feeling that it might cause several problems for the Tau. She is willing to ally with other races with trying to convince them to join the Greater Good.


Shas'Ui was raised by a a human man named Daksis, who taught her everything he knew, from combat, the Emperor, and what he felt about the Greater Good. She actually agreed with him on that. As she noined the Fire Caste, she made her own sword and rose the ranks in the campaigns by using melee and close up combat. She became a Commander through her battles and victories. She has earned herself the name, the Blade because of her favority of using her custom sword.

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Image of Shas'Ui Elsy'eir Var'mor
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