Planetary Choice

The governor looked at the map, "Do what you must to rid these heretics, for the Emperor." Vincent gave a nod, "I'll begin having my men on the move, come Connor." Connor gave a nod, "See you at the battlefield Major." The two left the briefing room, the Governor watched them leave before looking at Maxolan, "Major this is for you." He changed the image of the map to that of call, the gonvern opened it up, to reveal Darven Kunnus. "Major, I have orders for you. You must have met Connor Foulbolt. He is suspected of being a important factor to the enemy. If he shows any sign of corruption, I want you to kill him and anyone else who might try stopping you. We cannot allow him to become a heretic, at any cost. Do what you must to make sure he doesn't become a heretic." The Lord Inquisitor looked down at Maxolan, "Give me a briefing of what happens by next month." As soon as he called, it ended, the orders of the Lord Inquisitor made clear.
Zakgree closed his interceptor, he got the message, so Connor Foulbolt was on the planet, good. He just had to find a way to get him without the Major killing him. The Choas Lord looked at the Choas Marines, "Keep bring me their men, the more we convert and show their foolishness the more men we can have to give this planet to the Dark Gods." He turned back to face the men he has recently captured, "Now my brothers and sisters, join me to a new future." He raised his hand and used his pysker abilities to change the minds of the guardsmen, however one woman spit in his face. "Hmm, maybe a different method is needed for you, take her to my chambers." She fought as hard as she could, but the Blood Pact snatched her up and threw her into the Lord's chambers. He looked at the changung landscape, every day, more of the landscape began to change more appeasing to the gods, he looked across the desert, "It's time we met, Iron Heart."

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