(Command center Hive city)

The Major glanced back at the 1st Sergeant behind him and gave him a nod. The 1st Sergeant then walked out of the room. The Major stands to his feet looking at others in the room. "Lord Inquisitor gave me an order. But don't think that order does not extend to others even the personnel in this room. I have the trust of the Inquisitor and some of the Adeptus Astartes Chapters. Why even I don't Completely know. Orders are Orders, I am off to the desert. The Emperor protects and blesses us." he said as he turned to walk out of the room followed by his Commissar and other staff.

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(On the Nobal Vengeance during the meeting. )

"Attention on deck!" yells the guardsmen. As Admiral Agustius Fletcher walks in with a few officers and 2 Ogryn Bodyguards. the Angantyr-Class Dropship the Iron Dragon was standing ready as the personnel and equipment were being loaded. A lieutenant walked up giving a salute. "Admiral Fletcher sir! we are honored to have you here." said the lieutenant with a respectful tone. "Just checking in on you lieutenant, How much longer until everything is loaded?" asked the Admiral. "Sir we should have wheels up in 30 sir" answered the lieutenant.

The Admiral waited to answer as a Chimera storm model passed. "Good work, Lieutenant you will be taking some others down with you" instructed the Amiral. Looking confused the Lieutenant "sir?" he answered. "Lieutenant, this is Captian Fletcher and the Ogryn Bodyguards are Bax and Begg." The Lieutenant looked at Captian Fletcher she was a beautiful woman. He knew if you wanted to live you did not mess with Admirals daughter. The huge Ogryns standing 8.5 feet tall and physically powerful Abhumanmutant subspecies of Humanity. "Captian Anna Fletcher is going as my repetitive Begg her bodyguard and Bax for the Major. Make sure they get there safely and meet up with the Major." said the Admiral. "Yes sir, you have my word." replied the Lieutenant.

Anna turned to her father "See you Father he reached up and kissed him on the cheek then smiled. he got a stern look on his face "Not in front of the men" he said. she let out a laugh. "yes Admiral" he said. the lieutenant knew this was where he had to get them onto the dropship before something else happen. "ma'am this way" he said leading them on to the Iron Dragon. The two Ogryns grinned as one of them pulled two fat cigars out. the lit them and left a trail of sweet smoke as they walked.


The Angantyr-Class Dropship the Iron Dragon was dropping through the planet's atmosphere. the ride was not too bad as the ship rock now and then Anna looked out the port as the red glow dissipated she could see the large dessert below. it was not long before they were at the staging area for the Company. The Valkyries and Valkyrie Talins on either side of the dropship as an escort. The Iron Dragon landed with a thud the engines quieted as the ramp doors opened into the bright desert sun.

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