Odd tactics

(Yivv Dersert)
Connor had to squint his eyes as the sun beat down on them. Vincent led his men to explore and partolnthe areas. They noticed something moving in the distance, taling a closer look, they realized it was a cultist, and they quickly dispatched them. It was odd, serval hours have pass and only encountered seven cultists, in 500 miles. It was strange, they set up communcations and were able to contact the other platoons.
Vincent contacted the Major, "Nothing is here, we been patrolling for eight hours, and we came across seven cultists together. There is no way that our recon and search parties should have gone missing, we are further than they went missing. Let me know if you see something." Connor was just annoyed, there was no way that seven cultist was causing the forces so many problems, it was frustrating.
The Choas Marines stayed hidden under the sands, watching Maxolan and his forces move, a few of them snatching some of the guardsmen, enough where they wouldn't notice until it was to late. Watching as the Chimera was moving throughout the sand, Zakgree could only watch in enjoyment, they would run straight into his trap, a large mine was waiting for the partol unit, and when they were in disarray, then would he strike. Until then, he had to make a visit. He readied his weapons, "When they hit the bomb, we strike." The Blood Pact and the Choas Marines gave their nods and readied their weapons.
The battle was about to begin.

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