The battle begins

The Storm Chimera was moving at a good pace trying to keep up with the Sentinel scouts. that were spread out thin trying to locate the heretics in the desert. with the main force not too far behind the recon unit. The Platoon leader thought it was strange that major Maxolan would put his full platoon in the field. The Black iron PLatoon was 9 Sentinel scouts 2 Storm Chimera headquarters squad and an infantry squad. The command Chimera being in the back of the scout formation. The lead Chimera was about to go over a dune as it went down the other side as it reaches the bottom there was an explosion.

The veteran sergeant inside was rocked by the explosion he instinctively Yell out "contact" as the Choas forces came out of hiding and started to rush the vehicle the gunner yelled out Contact front. The Chimera was trying to back up but was not moving fast and the Choas forces were closing fast. The main gun an autocannon and the heavy bolter opened up with automatic fire spraying bullets into the infantry coming at the Chimera. The Choas Marines knew instantly the Chimera was not some regular unit it was a veteran unit.

Weapons fire started to hit the Chimera as the Choas Marines started to fire on it. rounds started to pierce the front armor of the Chimera killing the driver and heavy bolter gunner. The sergeant knew he did not have much time. He hit the button for smoke as the canisters fired off in front. that should give him time to call on the Vox box. Deploy he yelled at the others as the back ramp dropped. he pulled on another Handle a flare shot high into the air alerting others of the fight. Las fire erupted as the two forces started to fire on either. His men were dying fast.

The sergeant got on to the Vox "Black Iron 2 to Black Iron 1 Contact bag mix nuts (meaning Choas Marines and Guard infantry.) need support now." he said as he looked back seeing the last of his men fall. "Corection, fire on my location it has been a honer" he pushed a button pining his location. the Choas forces heavy weapons team fired an anti-armor missile at the Chimera blowing it up.

The Major gave the order for the tanks and Valkyries to engage the chaos forces. He got on to the Vox calling all units including Lord Commissar Vincent units telling them that he has engaged chaos units Marines and guard infantry and his unit was ambushed. He waited and thought. Then told Lord Commissar Vincent to be on watch he could be next.

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