A tale of two tendrils...

Many days had passed since the Righteous Indignation passed silently into the warp. So far, it had been a surprisingly uneventful journey. Nothing had broken down on the old battle cruiser, the crew seemed to be in decent spirits, and according to the ship's Astronavigator, the way ahead was as clear and smooth as any captain could ask for. So naturally, catastrophe was almost certainly on the horizon. But Captain Trevor Laseraptor wasn't about to let that get him down.

Slowly, he opened his eyes. First one, then the other eyelid crept up and his eyes began to focus. His bed was warm and comforting and even acknowledging that there existed a world beyond its many covers seemed an affront to its very sanctity. Crawling out from beneath those covers was outright blasphemy. But the responsibilities of an Imperial Captain rose above even the comfiest of bed. ...Even if that bed was also occupied by a beautiful, raven haired Tech Priestess. He carefully slid a mecha tendril out of the way and eased himself into an upright position.

Aristaka Vone continued to lay peacefully amongst the covers of Trevor's bed. The image was a bit of a contrast to the serious demeanor and firey temperament he'd become accustomed to during her waking hours.

He stealthily slipped into his uniform, careful not to wake the slumbering Tech Priestess. Then, once outside of his quarters he slipped his boots on and began purposefully walking towards the bridge.

Pulled away from the main fleet, Captain, crew, and ship had been put on special assignment... at the disposal of the Cult Mechanicus for the time being. Short one ship, and even shorter on time, the Cult had made some sort of unknown but thoroughly unusual bargain with the Admiral for this assistance. What little the Tech Priestess had let slip through her tightly pursed lips was that some piece of technology had been carried off into the night by agents of Chaos. To go through such troubles to get it back, Trevor surmised that it was no mere trinket. ...Though, one could never be too sure when dealing with the Cult.

How they ended up in bed together... well, it was a very long journey.

Stepping out onto the dimly lit bridge, the command chair was set on a raised platform, looking over the shoulders of all his subordinates. The Watch Officer immediately vacated it.

"Captain on deck!" the Watch Officer declared.

"At ease," Trevor commanded before most had the chance to salute. Then, after seating himself, "Status report!"

Last he knew, they were still several hours from their destination at best. The Navigator had been quite certain that there would be no delays. However, there was no such thing as true certainty when dealing with the Warp.

"Sir, AstroNav just reported that we are due to arrive at our destination earlier than expected. I was just about to alert you, we have less than half a standard hour remaining," the Watch Officer reported.

"Less than half an hour? He's certainly earning his keep this voyage! Quickly, allert Miss Vone. She'll want to be present for-," Trevor was interrupted by the mechanical whirr of mechanical limbs, and metal clank of prosthetic heeled feet on the deck behind him.

"Present for what, Captain?" she asked coldly.

She stepped onto the bridge wearing a red hooded cloak that split just enough in front to reveal a black leather outfit beneath. Minus the cloak, very little would have been left to the imagination. Beneath the cape, mecha tendrils slithered here and there and a pair of servo-skulls quietly floated to either side of her. The Watch Officer nervously stepped away, giving her a wide berth.

Trevor grinned toothily, despite the Priestess's intimidating countenance.

"Oh, Ari! I hadn't realized you were awake. Looks like we'll be arriving ahead of schedule," he said.

"Captain Laseraptor, I'd appreciate it if you addressed me by my proper name and title," she said curtly. "And how could could I not be awake? You have all the stealth and subtly of and Ogryn!"

One of her mecha tendrils made a brief, menacing appearance from beneath the cloak. It's spider-like claw flexed with a subdued 'clank'.

"Now then! Bring us out at the very edge of the system. Exercise maximum stealth. Minimal electronic signature. For now, it's best that not even our own forces know of our presence," she commanded.

With a stomp that echoed throughout the bridge, Trevor stood and rose to his full hight.

Staring her down with a look just as menacing, he spoke, "Priestess, Aristaka Vone! I'd appreciate it if you left the command of MY vessel in MY hands!"

Just the slightest hint of a smile crossed her crisply painted lips. Her approval would never be conveyed in words, but the message was received nonetheless.

"Very well, Captain," she said.

He returned the smile and turned back toward the helm.

"You heard the lady, take us out at the edge of the system! Not a peep! Maximum stealth," he ordered.

And so the cat and mouse game continued...

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