Then there was a Zap

As the cruiser moved through the warp, there was a loud clang that ranged throughout the ship. It was followed by shouting and the sound of metal feet running around, "I HAVE FOUND A LAZRIFLE!!!"
Serval of the crew attempted to stop the Skitarii ranger from the bridge, however the toaster was able to roll at the way. He stopped in the middle of the bridge and attempted to disassemble the weapon, hitting it and pulling out its manufactured parts. One of the crew snatched the weapon away from him, "Damit Zap! I swear by the Emperor, you can't be unsupervised for a second." One of the crew men looked up at Trevor, "Why do we keep this guy around, Captain?"
Zap looked at the bridge, his eyes gleamed at the sight and was already attempting to mess with the technology before him. However a crew member pulled him away, "No Zap!" Zap, the nickname given to RZ-4484, was a name he gained during his time working under a tech preist in marse, where the poor Skitarii was Zapped by some old tech, which caused his glitch, thus Zap was the named that stayed.

Zap was finally stopped from disassembling everything in sight once he was given a bit of scarp metal and wire, where he began to assemble and disassemble it into some strange form of technology, he sat there cross legged, intrigued with the "tech" he was given.

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