Battle at the sands

Vincent forces moved slowly, when they got the transmission from the Major, "We hear you Black Iron. Don't worry, there was a reason I sent my forces out there."
As a couple blood pact prepared to attack his unit they found everything deserted. One walked over, to the units, they were greeted with disguised Servo-skulls. It was a trap, as there was a large explosion, taking out the majority of the unit there to attack Vincent's "forces". As Major's valks moved put, they were greeted by chaos valks. Whatever was happening, it wasn't just simple cultists gathering around, it was a full on Blood Pact. On the ground, the heretics were taking Guardsmen, eithwr dragging them into the sand or killing them. A couple anti-aircraft roxkets were fired at the valks and anti-armor missle at the tanks. Choas Astartes were picking off guardsmen left and right. It was chaos, they seemed to appear outbof no where. Vincent responded to the Major, "Black Iron, pull back. Pull back, hold the line, reinforcements are on their way." These heretivs were efficient, however the strange thing about them was they were more keen on kidnapping units rather than killing them, something was up.

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