A tale of two tendrils... II

"Why do we keep this guy around, Captain?" an angry crewmen grunted as he and several others wrestled with the Skitarii.

"It was assigned to me, as were you. Don't forget that," Aristaka Vone replied.

A mecha tendril slithered out from beneath the Tech Priestess's cloak again. This time, clenched in its grasp was a shard of scrap metal, wrapped many times in a length of copper wire. The tendril tossed it through the air in the same manner that one might toss a bone to a K-9. The Skitarii immediately went diving after it. She considered beating the dysfunctional toaster again, but decided against it. After all, there was no pleasure to be gained when all the pitiful creature did was stand there and take it.

"It is amusing," Trevor commented, stroking his chin as he watched the Skitarii feverishly pulling the bit of junk apart.

The conversation was immediately mothballed as the ship's intercom crackled to life.

"Entering real space in thirty seconds," the Navigator drolly reported.

Moments later, in real space... the fabric of the universe was tore open like a great gaping asshole. The hellish Immaterium beyond could be seen shimmering and undulating, like so many bloated, phallic organs. From that fathomless abyss, spewed forth a massive warship. It's innumerable cannon, missile pods, and torpedo launchers all hung silent; unpowered. In fact, the vast majority of the ship was silent. Under minimal power, the engines pushed the great warship forward at an agonizingly slow pace. Only those sensors which could not be sensed back were implemented.

On the main screen the planet Yivv, it's surrounding system, and a number of Imperial vessels and assorted space platforms were immediately plotted along with orbital data and other bits of information.

"Sir, no reaction from any of the vessels. No incoming sensor sweeps. It appears we've slipped into the system unnoticed," a sensor tech reported.

"Good job crew. Now, pull into the shadow this moon right here before anyone thinks to take a cursory sensor sweep of this sector," Trevor said, tapping his finger on a small bleep on the creen. "Then we'll sit tight until it orbits closer to Yivv and have a better look at the situation. I want the drop ships prepped and ready to go, just in case. Ari- err, Miss Vone, I assume you'd prefer your contingent of Skitarii be on the first wave, should an immediate drop be necessary?"

Aristaka nodded her agreement but simultaneously gritted her teeth at the sound of Trevor's pet name for her. She might not beat Zap, before the day was out. But the dear captain was another story altogether.

And so, a ship built for nothing short of recklessly battering its way through the lines of enemy capital ships was reduced to sneaking around like a feral cat in search of a rodent. The annoyance of the Righteous Indignation's machine spirit could be felt running through the many miles of copper wiring that ran its length. But it complied, slipping through space more stealthily than its design specs should have allowed. After all, it rather liked it's captain.

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