"Then we'll sit tight until it orbits closer to Yivv and have a better look at the situation. I want the drop ships prepped and ready to go, just in case. Ari- err, Miss Vone, I assume you'd prefer your contingent of Skitarii be on the first wave, should an immediate drop be necessary?"

Zap reassembled the scarp metal and white into a strange amalgamation of an axe. He twitched at the Captain, "Captain Laseraptor, please speak to the Priestess as such. She isn't a civilian, she is a Machine Priestess. Speaking to her or calling her anything but Machine Priestess Aristaka is informal and offensive. If she wishes, I can execute you for the offense." Another thing that is often forgotten by many, Zap moght be a bit curious with technology, however he could make almost anything into a weapon, as well is he is still a Skitarii, is a very loyal one at that. If he had to kill a Inquisitor just to defend his assigned tech priest, he would do it without hesitation. The crew men froze at the docile tech-guard that all of a sudden became a full on Skitarii vanguard sinply by hearing someone speak to his tech priest in an informal manner.
Zap noticed the Priestess's look and disassembled the mandmade axe back to scraps, "We have a duty, during off hours, is those nicknames suitable to use, Captain."
He dropped back on his bottom and began messing with the scraps again.

On of the crewmen noticed something, "Uh, Captain. Apparently Lord Commissar Miles and Major Maxolan are on the planet. They just engaged with Choas cultist, blood pact and traitor astartes. Also.... Lord Inquisitor Kunnus himself has sent us a message. It says, do not let the heretics claim Connar Foulbolt, if they do, execute him. Also..." The man paused for a moment, "He's coming here, to Yivv. We are not to alert anyone, not even the Major or the Commissar of his arrival. He ia coming to claim Foulbolt for, examination?" The crewman looked at his captain, "I thought Inquisitor always say they are purging anyone they suspect being a heretic, they don't use words such as examination, do they?" Another crewmate looked over, "Half a year, that's the time limit they have, half a year and the Inquisitors are probably going to glass the planet."
There goes a simple plan.

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