Champions of Choas

Zakgree watched the combat unfold, he had his men falk back with those they had taken. He held the warpstone in his hand, "Leave me." He ordered his personal guard. Once ye was alone he knelt down, "Glorious Dark Gods, the one you seek is here, I require your assistance. The loyalist are fighting with their zealous fury. I request Champions to aid me in my conquest to take this planet and claim the boy for the Ruinous Powers." The warpstone glowed with twisted power, four warp gates opened, one green, one red, one blue, and one pink. Walking out of the portals were the Champions Zakgree asked for. He got up from his feet, he looked up at the choas marines. He gave them all eespective bows, "Welcome to Yivv, champions of the Dark Gods, I require your assistance." Kharn grunted in response, Miriael gave him a seductive smile,Josme returned hia bow, and finally Waklis gave a nod as Amisa stood behind him. Zakgree looked at them, "I just make it simple, we are here to convert the planet, but you have to break a few eggs to make an Omelet. Kharn, I need you to deal with the large forces of the Major. Kharn seem to chuckle, "As long as they give me a challenge." He summoned a couple of other choas marines from his warvand before heading over to the area where the choas forces were retreating. Zakgree turned his attention towards Josme, "There is a couple of Mechanicus of loyalist, either get rid of them or show them the way of the Dark Gods." The fallen battle siater amiled sweetly, "For the glory of the Dark Gods!" She pranced off, it was an odd sight. He looked over to Miriael, "I need you to start corrupting the hive city, go after the sister superior and the Inquisitor with her." The fallen battle sister could only smile, "You are givingbus all the jobs we enjoy, aren't you?" Zakgree nodded, "To make sure you succeed." The sister of choas left the room, leaving Zakgree with Walkis and Amisa. Amisa spoke first, "What do you require from us?" Zakgree grinned, "Bring me Connor Foulbolt."
The Admiral of the Vengeance was contacted by the Keeper, "Admiral, a tech priestess by the name of Aristaka Vone attempted to access files related to the Rekvin III event. Was she given acess by you or no? If she wasn't, then I will notify Inquisitor Kannus of her actions." One of the crewman got a message back from Iron Sentry. It's a Tau war fleet coming towards us, and well, it's the Blade." One of the other members looked over, "Who the hell is the Blade?" A commander spoke, "Quiet, she is a Tau commander, and unlike many of her brethern, she is actually skilled in close combat, she is a big danger, and something we should...."The sensor of the ship's scanner went off, "We are detextong several warp gates opening on the planet, sir....we lost contact." The ship began to bleep loudly, "WE HAVE INCO-"There was a loud bang as a ship crashed into the Vengeance. A loud yell could be heard throughout the ship, "WAAAAAAHHHHHGGGGG!" The Commder began to spit orders, "Greenskins! Quickly subdue them!" One of the crrw members looked qt the radar, "They came out of nowhere! What the hell!?" Gunfire could be heard, "Shit, why did it have to be Orks?"
As the Major's forces pushed back the heretics, they noticed a couple of choas marines marching towards them. They immediately opened fire, one of the guardsmen noticed the leader, "SIR IT'S KHARN THE BETRAYER!!" Before they could act, the avatar of Khorne was already beginning his slaughter, the conflict ensue, the men screamed in fear and horror as the bloodthirsty maniac beheaded, and tormented the unit.

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