Angels ascending, bring from above.

As the skies and ground of Yivv became erupted in in battle a new fleet began to emerge from the warp making it way towards the planet and friendly imperial forces, the Emperor's angels had arrived.

Captain Gabriel knelt within the chapel as chaplain Lucrion carried out the mass preparing his brother's minds and souls ready for the upcoming battle. As the chaplain finished a prayer the tones of a bell begin echoing throughout the Battle Barge signaling successful warp exit.

Standing at full height the captain dawned his helmet voxing the bridge "Brother Zachariah report"he spoke contacting the master of the fleet.

"Captain we have successfully made warp exit around the planet Yivv enemy forces have engaged imperial defense fleets and it would seem that the foul greenskins assault the flagship, we are also getting reports of imperial forces assaulted by traitor Marines on the ground" Zachariah reported to his captain he had been appointed in charge of the ship's fleets due to his affinity for naval combat over the centuries of service.

Gabriel ponder for just a moment as he began to turn around walking towards the exit of the chapel before opening frequency to all officers "Brothers the time has come to once again bring fury and wrath to the Emperor's enemies brother Jacob ready your squad from the first company to teleport onto the flagship of the imperial Navy I will not lose it to the foul green skin."to his left he could see a great lumbering figure in saturnine Terminator armor head towards the teleportorium around him he could see his brothers prepare for war and army of serfs turning to their weapons and armors checking for any flaws that could compromise the mission before making their ways towards the thunderhawks and drop pods to his right he can see Techmarines led by brother Daniel securing the chapters dreadnoughts into drop pods.

Strapping himself into a drop pod with his command squad he had a brother Zachary open up a vox to the imperial forces "loyal servants of the Imperium this is Captain Gabriel of the Emperor's Sentinels we are here to aid you in your time of need.

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