Brother Jacob cleared his head as the teleportation affects wore off the operation had been successful and he and his brothers were now within the Nobal Vengeance half the squad had been teleported towards the engineering sections of the ship to protect it, while his half had been teleported closer to the bridge. Signaling his squad they began moving towards the bridge throughout the corridors signs of battles have been littered them, did not take them long to find the fell green skin engaging Navy arms men, storm bolters raise the Terminator squad begin laying into them "Purge the foul xenos, Brothers this ship will not fall."

As the chaos forces continue to battle the imperial defenders on the on the ground few looked up to notice teardrop shapes entering the atmosphere before it was too late, within seconds several death Storm drop pods crashed into enemy lines the scorching assault cannons and missile fire into their ranks behind them crashed more drop pods discouraging Marines in bright green armor with a white star on the shoulder pads.

Captain Gabriel withdrew his power sword from the corpse of a traitor Marine all around him he could hear the sounds of battle as his brother's fought their way towards the surviving imperial forces it would seem luck was on their favor as now with the arrival of themselves and the orks and Tau had forced the traders to fight on all sides.
"Forward brothers" he shouted raising his power sword "we should link up with the imperial forces before clearing a landing zone for our vehicles."

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