Greenskins and Traitors

As the marines fought the greenskins off in the Nobal Vengeance, a loud and very deep voice ranged out, deeper than even an Ork, "WAGGGGH!" An ork larger than the marines buatwd into the hull of the ship, the orks began chanting, "Hellgasher the Darksmasher, Hellgasher the Darksmasher!" The ork stood over 20 feet tall, wear dark orkish armor matching the terminator armor of the marinez, however with giant claw arms, a large rocket at the back and a skull helmet of a larger beast. The ork roared as he bodyslammed a marine into the hull of the ship, red electricity zapping everything around the beast. As he tore the marine apart, a couple bolter rounds were fired into his back, the marine watched in horror as the Ork shurgged it off, "That ticklez, you git." The marine pulled out his chainsword and fought with the Ork, blades clashing, sparks flying. As more orks chanted their warboss's name, the stronger he seemed to get, the marine's blade snap in half as the the xeno inpaled him. The ork shouted, "Now wherez that anathemaz kitz!?" He shouted at naval officer, grabbing him. The officer looked confused, "What?"
The ork snorted, "Ya know, the anathemaz kitz. The git from Rekvin tree." The officer looked at the ork confused, he dropped the officer. "Space Marine! I callz a truce! Boyz, lower your dakas. The orks ran back to their war boss as he approached the bridge, causally. "Wez only looking for the anathamaz kitz, ya knowz the git who iz the son of da emperar fellow ya gitz shout aboutz." One of the Guardsmen looked at the marines, "Is this xeno seriously talking to us? What is with this planet?"
Hellgasher pulled out a piece of paper, "Let'z seez..."
A guardman lowered his gun, "I must be suffering from warp sickness, cause I think that ork is try to read." Hellgasher spat, "I canz read, ya git! Ya give me a moment." He sat there trying to read the paper, "holdz on, we can fight in a minute." The ork preceded to attempt reading the piece of paper, right in front of the marines.
As the marines battled on noticed a choas astartes approaching them, he pulled out his chainsword and charged at the choas marine, however one of the othe marines recognize the traitor, "Brother no!" It was too late, as Kharn the Betrayer blocked the sword and chopped the marines head of, in brutal fashion. Several other tratiors from the Butcher Horde Warbane joied their leader as he charged at the loyalist, screaming in rage as if he was khorne himself. Many fell to his hand, the chimeras were quickly dealt with as the combat insued. Serveal Khorne Deamons joined the combat one of the guardsmen shouted, "I official hate this planet!" The combat continued, Vincent arrived with reinforcements, the Comminsaar joined the Major, an Ultra Marine looked at Vincent, "Just like Rekvin III, right Comminsaar?" Vincent chuckled, "Surrounded by brothers and sisters in arms while battling traitors, heretics and deamons. Yeah good times." As the fought, Vincent noticed Kharn, "What the? Kharn! What is he doing here!? How did he get here? That's impossible." He shot down a couple more heretics, sisters of battle covered the guardsmen as deamons swarmed. Traitors and Loyalist Astartes clashed in brutal fashion. Vincent sighed, "Kannus, if we survive this, you better fulfil your promise, damn bastard."

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