"No apologies needed major, even a single cultist can bring damnation to an entire world that is why it is our duty to bring the Emperor's Wrath wherever we go" Gabriel spoke as he surveyed the battlefield the immediate threat had been dealt with and his brothers' long side guardsman secured the area as the sound of Astartes gunships entered into the atmosphere within minutes they began dropping off chapters armored vehicles before recovering the drop ships and reentering orbit. "Although now with the appearance of traitor Astartes I feel this is no longer a simple incursion the elk would not commit so many of their kind to a simple operation darker forces have set their eyes on this planet and now there's even reports of xenos in system."

While the brother captain a major continued to talk, Chaplain Lucrion oversaw as several of his Brothers gathered the bodies of fallen traitors. With the task have completed he addressed his brothers "let this be a testament to those who have fallen from the emperor's light, there will be no honor no stories told of you only fire and damnation"raising his hand flamer he will soon joined by several other Marines carrying flamers and meltas in destroying the enemies and their gear so they cannot be recovered.

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