What a party and Orc's

(In The desert on Yivv )

While the brother captain a major continued to talk, Chaplain Lucrion oversaw as several of his Brothers gathered the bodies of fallen traitors. With the task have completed he addressed his brothers "let this be a testament to those who have fallen from the emperor's light, there will be no honor no stories told of you only fire and damnation"raising his hand flamer he will soon joined by several other Marines carrying flamers and meltas in destroying the enemies and their gear so they cannot be recovered.

The Major winced at the smell of the burning dead he never likes the smell of burning bodies no matter how many times he has had to smell it. He watches the bodies burn. He turned to the Command team "Get the wounded off the field get them air evac back to the base. and recover our equipment I need status reports." The major ordered.

A loud Leman Russ Vanquisher tank rolled up. with six more rolled by moving forward with 4 Chimera Storms with them as they seem to be looking for more land minds and other targets. The Leman Russ stops near the major. Battle Tank Commander Captain Amulius gets out of the turret and walks over to the Major. "Sir, one hell of a party. We are securing the perimeter along with the Adeptus Astartes and the PDF. He turned to the Adeptus Astartes Captian "Sir It's an honor to be fighting alongside the Adeptus Astartes again. He said with a big smile. The Lord Commissar Mordanticus looks back at the Armor Captain and gives him a stern look "Took you long enough to catch up to us Captian Amulius"

Amulius looked at Lord Commissar Mordanticus. "Forgive me Lord Commissar Mordanticus. The traffic was bad he said jokingly. Mordanticus shook his head "one day those jokes will get you shot." He said with a straight face. The Major stepped up "enough Gentlemen, let's focus on the fight or what's left of it." the Major ordered.

The Major turns back to the others and the marine Captain. "So what's the plan?" He asked them.

(On the Nobal Vengeance Flagship)

"Now wherez that anathemaz kitz!?" He shouted at naval officer, grabbing him. The officer looked confused, "What?"
The ork snorted, "Ya know, the anathemaz kitz. The git from Rekvin tree." The officer looked at the ork confused, he dropped the officer. "Space Marine! I callz a truce! Boyz, lower your dakas. The orks ran back to their war boss as he approached the bridge, causally. "Wez only looking for the anathamaz kitz, ya knowz the git who iz the son of da emperar fellow ya gitz shout aboutz." One of the Guardsmen looked at the marines, "Is this xeno seriously talking to us? What is with this planet?"
Hellgasher pulled out a piece of paper, "Let'z seez..."
A guardsman lowered his gun, "I must be suffering from warp sickness, cause I think that ork is try to read." Hellgasher spat, "I canz read, ya git! Ya give me a moment." He sat there trying to read the paper, "holdz on, we can fight in a minute." The ork preceded to attempt reading the piece of paper, right in front of the marines.

As the Orc warlord was trying to read. The Vice-Admiral Fletcher walked up with two squads of Veteran Infantry with him with enough plasma rifles to cut a tank in half. The Infantry was not a normal Navy they were battle-hardened Veteran Guardsmen that have seen more than one battle. His voice reverberated in the large corridor. "What, a truce? You should have thought of that before you ran into my ship! I have dealt with your kind before Warlord. I am Vice-Admiral Agustius Fletcher commander of Vengeance Squadron and this ship from Calixis Sector. Now unless you have a good reason for this attack on my ship. I am about to order your ship cut in half and the rest of you Orcs slaughtered." He said with a plasma pistol in each hand and authority in his voice. As more Veteran Guardsmen start to flood the corridors of the ship.

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