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With the disposal of the traitor corpses complete the Astartes began to board the multiple rhino and razorback transports joining the imperial guard's vehicle formation alongside the predators and whirlwinds. Looking over to the two men Gabriel began to speak "for now I must refer to your strategies for the time being major, originally we were supposed to arrive much sooner to this system but traveling the warp it's no longer as easy as it once was so I'm afraid of my chapters Intel on the system is far outdated." As he spoke his own personal vehicle arrived an ancient proteus landraider.

Arbites Fortress Precinct Vehicle bay

Raul Staggered down the ramp of the Repressor the sounds of the bay hitting him full force while on a busy day it wasn't uncommon to see a surge of traffic now it reminded him of the historical slates he read on Armageddon how vehicles would exit the assembly line and head straight into the front lines. Madness had erupted through the hives with so many hidden cults now revealing themselves, they're fanaticism encouraged by the large force of chaos now revealing themselves. The only saving grace they have had was the Intel given to them by The Inquisitor had allowed them to strike and finish off many cults before they had the chance to do damage.

After dropping his armor and weapons off at the armory for repair he slowly dragged himself to his room the stims and recaf that had been keeping him awake the last couple of days starting to wear off. "The sooner I get all this grime off me the sooner I can pass out"he thought to himself approaching the door to his room,his rank had afforded him a private room with built-in restroom while nothing special, to him it was a godsend. Upon opening the room however, he was alerted to the sound of running water coming from within. On instinct he grabbed the hidden last pistol he kept on him as a holdout before entering the room. While he doubted it was an assassin he was expecting to scare some rookie who broke into his room. The sight of a familiar woman naked bar the inquisitorial Rosette hanging from her neck did surprise him.

"Inquisitor Sylvia to what do I owe the pleasure?" He asked in a sigh while setting down the pistol, he had the feeling this day was going to get a lot more complicated.

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