the 509th In The desert on Yivv

(In The desert on Yivv )

The Major turns back to the others and the marine Captain. "So what's the plan?" He asked them. hearing his answer the Major noded "I am in support." He answered he nodded to everyone. "I have a battle to fight. I will take my leave now," Maxolan said with a salute. he walked back towards his Chimera storm track vehicle. walked up and entered the doors. "Tell the 10th Fox Squadron to find the line and report strength. He orders. He could hear the Vox box as the orders went out. Give a hard V formation. the 509th guard units started to move out.

In the Desert moving at a fast speed the Tauros Venator vehicle was looking to see. Where the enemy was. the other two running on the other side of that one with 6 Sentinels in support. and the rest of the unit fallowing not too far back. it took only half-hour before Tauros Venators started to take Laz's gun and bolter fire. Fox squadron scattered and report they had engaged the Choas Cultists with hit and run tactics. the vehicles kept their speed up making it hard to even hit them.

Command Chimera the Major started to issue orders. as the 10th brigade got on line this would be where they would be fighting a battle The Major committed his ground forces. He turned to the vox box and asked Anna Fletcher for support. Anna communicated the message to the Dauntless-class Light Cruiser Iron Sentry who was standing by they fired their lance batteries from orbit. bright lights streak down at the Coordinate giving to her. The beams hit the ground large plumes of fire and sand rise into the air. The major ordered The 12 Infantry Squads 4 Armor Squadrons 1 Artillery Battery Squadron 2 Flyer Squadrons to attack.

(On the Nobal Vengeance Flagship)

With support from the other ships, the orc ship was pulled back and repairs were starting on the Flagship. Vice-Admiral Fletcher. gave the order to sweep the ship and get the orcs off the ship now. he gave the order to engage any hostile ship's but ground support has priority.

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