Okay, that Ork can't die

(The Nobel Vengeance)
The Ork bodies lied silently, strangely their war boss, Hellgasher, kept standing even when he was filled with bullet holes. One of the guardsmen poked at him with his bayonet, "That's odd, he isn't bleeding. Oh sh-" With the last realization of the guarddmen, the Ork Warboss smashed the poor man into a wall, and began marching towards the ship's dock. Gunfired sounded, but the Ork walked it off, a red energy began to form, zapping everything who came in contact with it. He let out a large war cry, realising the energy, taking out the power of the ship.
He kicked the doors down, and stabbed the space marine nearest to him. He threw the body at another, and kicked one down. He pointed his weapons at Fletcher, "I want to know what's so important about this planet."

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