The Briefing

Vincent had the men entered a briefing room. The Imperial Guardsmen took their seats that were given, Connor himself stood beside Vincent who pull out a map of Yivv. Vincent cleares his throat to get everyone's attention. "Alright men, it would seem Yivv is in an intresting predicament. One side of the planet is vast hive cities, on the other side is a vast wasteland. Well, it seems that heretics are waging war on the wasteland side of this planet and only growing stronger. We are looking at a Blood Pact. Now, thankfully the PDF has mostly kept these heretics contained on the wasteland side and outbof the cities. However some witch hunters will be arriving in order to scout out any heretics in the cities. Our mission however is to deal with the Blood Pact on the other side of the planet. Our mission is simple, eradicate the Blood Pact, burn away the heresy so that those loyal to the Emperor shall not perish. With have many reasons to believe that heretics have festered within the plantery government as well, so if anyone, even PDF or your own comrades show any sign of being a heretic, purge them. You understand our mission?" The Guardsmen chanted, "Yes sir! We will purge the heretics for the Emperor." Vincent smiled, "Good lads! Now head to your Valks, Mr. Norron will you stay with us for a moment.
Once the Guardsmen had left Vincent closed the door, "Now Norron, are you familiar with the Rekvin III case, about someone seeing the great enemy yet resisted? I like you to met him. This is Connor Foulbolt, alsonknown as the last survivor of the Rekvin III Event." Connor gave a small bow before Norron. Vincent looked around, "We have reasons to believe that the great enemy and its vile corruption will be their with the Blood Pact, and I need your help. Connor is a one of a kind, to be untained by its corruption. We are hoping you have any info about it."

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