the Briefing pt 2

"Now Norron, are you familiar with the Rekvin III case, about someone seeing the great enemy yet resisted? I like you to meet him. This is Connor Foulbolt, also known as the last survivor of the Rekvin III Event." Connor gave a small bow before Norron. Vincent looked around, "We have reasons to believe that the great enemy and its vile corruption will be there with the Blood Pact, and I need your help. Connor is a one of a kind, to be untainted by its corruption. We are hoping you have any info about it.

the 1st Sargent steps forward. "Gentlemen, It is not Norron, It is Major Maxolan or Major, Do not disrespect and address my commander in that manner Norron is his first...." The 1st Sargent is cut off by the Major. "At-ease 1st Sargent." there was a pause "I ask that you do not call me by my first name. Sorry if there was any confusion. For my 1st Sargent out burst, he can be overprotective." He gaged their reactions to what he just said "Rekvin III I am not too familiar with that case. We are not from that sector. As for Corporal Foulbolt. I am not familiar with him. But if the Lord Commissar vouches for him that's good for me. It is good to see Corporal Foulbolt a survivor. You could say the whole 509th Company is made of people like him." Major Maxlan gives an approving nod to Corporal Foulbolt.

The Major continued. "To answer your question on the heretics, Choas and their Cults I have been fighting them for about 15 years. "They work in small groups or cells, you can bet the insurgency has a Choas priest or Chaos Space Marine or both working behind the scenes. This is their doctrine. They will work in plain sight for the most part you don't even realize they are there. They like to recruit people of influence or people of wealth. and they have no thought of sacrificing their lower ranks. Their ranks are fanatical in their beliefs." He said then looked at the 3D view of the map of the desert thinking.

"I would say they have a base of operation in that desert. I am sure you know that. Your cities probably already have spies and loyalists in them. As Corporal Foulbolt knows. I think that they are using runners People to carry messages from place to place. We start by finding the people coming and going from the dessert. You can exclude the military personnel rotation. use your Commissar's to screen them if they find something to bring them to us or your command. Our Lord Commissar Westin is an expert in interrogating Choas heretics." I have a full company on board the Dictator-class Cruiser Nobal Vengeance witch is the flag Flagship. Vice-Admiral Agustius Fletcher is in charge of the fleet we are here to help and support you." said Major Maxolan.

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