Arbitrator Chado race himself as a repressor transport made another sharp turn jostling the crew inside as they checked over their gear and reloaded their weapons. Like the rest of the precinct his squad have been deployed alongside local law enforcement and PDF in containing the chaos cultist within the hive cities before they could capture or damaged key locations, that changed midmission when they received a new commands from HQ apparently a high priority Target had requested extraction from deep within the underhive. The arbitrator would be lying if he didn't felt uneased, whoever had requested support must have been high ranking in order to pull these strings.

"Target ahead prepared for deployment"the driver announced over the vox the sound of the vehicles mounted weapons firing at the small group of cultists standing at makeshift barricades around the building. Chado was the first out of the vehicle suppression shield raised as they checked the perimeter. Signaling it all clear the squad headed into the building his squad making short work of the unsuspecting cultist as I got closer to the distress signal the resistance of the Cultist began to grow like a group of feral animals not wanting to give up their prize.

Raul panted as he finished the last of the cultist off with this Power maul, his squad had suffered injuries but nothing fatal during their push towards the through the building but now they had finally reached their destination. The hallway ended with just a single room at the end their charge had manager to set quite the kill zone up.

"Adeptus Arbites" Chado announced approaching the room shield raised as he entered once inside he noticed the only living occupant in the room an injured woman armed with A lasgun he almost mistaken her for a cultist until she flashed him a stylized I pendant. "About time you showed up" she panted with an annoyed tone "Inquisitor Sylvia get me the hell out of here."

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