Vincent sighed, "Apologizes Major Maxolan, when coms told of you they decided to use your first name instead of your official name. We will have to speak with them about that after we deal with these heretics. Now, it would seem that what our troops can handle, we will send squadrons to patrol, take down anything heretical, and find that base. If you say it might be a choas marine, let's hope it's one. I seen a whole chapter of them, and they are problematic. So far, here is our base in the desert." He pointed to an area near a more rual area of the hiveworld, west to their current condition. "So far, they only be dealing with small groups. However they seem more united then anything else, like these groups are more of patrols trying to ease our guard. We do have a dead area. He pointed to a large area in the desert, which took about eighty percent of the desert. "No one can get any communication through it, woarst is we send one recon squad to see what was happening, they and three other search parties are now missing, and have been for month. Major, in your fifteen years of experience, have you ever seen anything like it, these tatics? I only faced small heretical groups, a bloodpact, and a black crusade. In all of those experiences, none of them had these tatics, and such great control over an area." Connor watch the two in silence, he couldn't wait to kill some heretics.

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