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Mist & Sky

Pandor remembered little before he fell asleep, only the childlike wonder in his eyes when the treeline broke away. There was always a mildly curious sense about him, one which sought to feel and see despite being held to nothing more than a tailor shop and trunks of fabric. Things he would like to see again. Things he would forever be bound to. People he was bound to. No time to weep now.

Much to his groggy dismay, trees were all he had really seen before. No truer pity. But the ride was not yet over--if it ever ended at all. He blinked the sleep from his eyes and squinted to look at the new area.

Red. The dreaded mist was all around and they were surely being swallowed up in it. Suspended above a chasm going an unknown direction to an unknown place. The sky was not yet full of stars or darkness.

The blonde man let out an instinctive chuckle, rubbing one of his eyes. A few of the consious passengers looked to him oddly, notably knowing he hadn't spoken a word yet. He'd been plagued with small thoughts of everything beyond since his childhood. Tales of warning were sure to make a mind creative, crafty. They were always fleeting ideas, though, and there was no reason or resource to pursue that knowledge when such comfort was already at hand. Still, it was fun to entertain in silence. The mist in the daytime was also entertaining and just as strange.
There was no telling where the carriage would lead them now, to doom or destiny, but he was thrilled to be taking the ride nonetheless. Others were not so thrilled. The gloominess held a stench he'd much rather have spritzed away by a perfume, a fragrance he would see for the last time, too. But he would not let that put a damper on his experience!
What did the Worships hold in store? Pandor knew it wasn't his place to hold curiosity about such obscure things, but it never stopped the craving. He looked to the Chosen around him, to their bands and sunken faces, and finally to the sky above.

Perhaps the scariest part of this journey would be having to endure it alone, or maybe just waking up to live through it at all. Maybe the mist had grown merciful and would let them drift away painlessly. Only time would tell and when it did, Pandor would be listening.

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