At the Castle Gates (Pt. 6)

Pandor stepped out in a quick and confused fashion like something had come over him, almost disorienting. Their destination was built like nothing he had ever seen, and awe rightfully struck him. Then again, he hadn't really seen much else. He was drawn in by the very presence of the place, the eerie comfort it radiated. A man near him was looking around frantically, making gestures and the like. Nerves, perhaps? There was no need for that here. This was surely serenity...

Pandor gently placed a hand on his shoulder and spoke in a calm tone, "No need to panic, my friend. I know it's overwhelming." He shifted his eyes around the courtyard and soon dropped his hand away, observing the towers and walls around him. "Overwhelming indeed," he muttered with a grin and wide, excited eyes that had gone glossy.
The blonde man crossed his arms and took a few steps away as more passengers filtered out, putting distance between him and anyone who might ruin the peaceful fun with incessant bickering. His mind swam with both insatiable wonder and a burst of calm. Truth be told, their hearts were all racing but they no longer felt it pulsing through their body.

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