Triceratops power! Goooooo!

"Suit yourself, ye daft woman! I don't plan on dying quite so easily," Jason said and left the crazy lady to make her own decision.

From here, there was only one way to go: up! He climbed the stairwell, taking two steps at a time. He could feel that this was the right way to go. It wasn't like before, where he was being manipulated by magic. No, this was different.

The stares went on and on, it seemed. Truly this was a tall tower. He passed through several rooms, all thoroughly unremarkable. So unremarkable were they, that I shan't remark on them at all. Eventually, he thrust an overhead door open and climbed up onto the tower. All around him, the red haze hung oppressively. It almost felt like he could paddle his feet and swim through it, it was so thick!

"Where are you!" he screamed into the red void.

His voice hung dully in the air. No echo returned to his ears... nothing.

And then lights cut through the haze and the sky opened up, revealing the moon and stars above. Through that casm, the Starship Enterprise (the oldschool one) flew in. Proton laser projectors blazed, cutting great swaths in the haze.

"Glad you could make it," an elderly voice called out to him.

"Eh?" was all Jason could manage before the world around him shimmered and vanished.

Moments later he stood, dazed and confused on the bridge of the ship.

"Are- are you...?" Jason stuttered, mouth agasp.

"Captain Abraham Lincoln, at your service," an imposing man said, removing his stovepipe hat and bowing deeply. "And this is my first officer, Fred Krueger."

Abraham Lincoln motioned to a burned man in a fedora, with a red and green Christmas sweater on.

"Wha- how? Why?" Jason didn't even know where to begin.

"There'll be time for questions later, my friend. But Chaos is leaking into this world at an alarming rate," Captain Lincoln said.

"Sir! Ze haze is closink in around us," another crewmember reported from behind a console.

"Fore score! Hitler, prepare to fire the Yamato cannon. Then get us out of here," Captain Lincoln ordered. Then, to Jason, "Mr. Voorhees, I suggest you have a seat. The effects of hyperspeed travel can sometimes be... unsettling, for those new to it."

Jason took a seat and buckled up.

"Captain, what about the other people still down there?" he asked.

"Other people? Mr. Voorhees, we came here for you. I won't endanger my crew and my ship. Our mission is too important. The stakes too high," Captain Lincoln said sternly, as though addressing a child.

But then his features softened.

"Chief Barfolomew! If you can lock onto anyone below, and beam them up before the FTL engines are ready, do so. But don't delay our departure for a nanosecond," the Captain said.

"Sure thing, Cap," an overweight Mog called from across the bridge.

How did Jason know what a Mog was?

A minute later, the entire ship jerked violently as the immensely powerful Yamato cannon fired. Through the viewscreen, he watched as the directional atomic beam ripped the sky back open, once more revealing the stars beyond.

"Sir! Ze vay is clear," Hitler reported.

"Time's up. Let's get out of here!" Captain Lincoln ordered.

A moment later, Jason felt as though his brains were going into his shoes as the vessel instantly jumped to Ludicrous speed to escape.

"To infinity and beyond," someone called out.

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