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Summary: A traveler with no final destination.

Raul Chado

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Student


American Hispanic


Often working odd jobs during summer but enjoys drawing the most. His favorite class is history.

Physical Appearance

Black shoulder length hair
Grey eyes
Tan skin
Height 6'3

Personality and interests

Raul enjoys reading, cooking, and stealth camping his main goal after graduation is to travel. He is very laid back and friendly to everyone.


After his mother's passing father became a workaholic often passing him off to his grandfather whenever he's not in school. After going AWOL from his last school his grandfather pulled some strings to get him into Jackson.

Favourite Sayings

"live a life that you want not what others want."

"Most great stories begin with why not."

Favourite food


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Image of Raul Chado
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