Many old and some new.

Mitchell awoke to his alarm blaring like crazy. He got up and showered for the big day ahead of him. “ 400+ more new students this year.” Mitchell thought while making his coffee and tying his tie. Pulling on his shoes he grabs his coffee and keys off of a dresser and he makes his way out to his car. Starts the car. Puts it in reverse and backs out of his driveway. Drives to school. Gets out of his car and grabs his backpack that he had put in his car to fit the final few things he needed to move into his dorm for the year. Walks to the front doors and unlocks them. Turns on the lights for the school hallways. Makes his way up to his own office, unlocks his office door and steps into his office and sees that it’s been set up. Hangs up his coat and backpack on a hanger. Turns on his computer and waits for staff and students to start arriving.

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