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Summary: Affable and somewhat naive villager destined to be caught up in dark events to come.

Barden Chosk

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Gender: Male

Age: 21

Group: Protagonists


Barden stands at average height. He is 5'10", with a thin, wiry frame that has yet to fill out. He has piercing blue eyes, and brown hair.

Although he is a fairly ordinary youth, there is one thing about Barden that stands out. His eyes contain a bright, youthful sparkle, full of energy and life. His smile too is infectious, being both warm and genuine, causing most to immediately warm to him. Barden is very shy, and when talking to people tends to lower his eyes or hold his hand to his mouth self-consciously.

His hair goes down to shoulder length and despite his best attempts, it is something that he has been unable to tame. This unruly mop is a law unto itself and sits how it wants to sit on his head.


Barden doesn't let anything dampen his youthful enthusiasm. He is also very trusting and naive. He wears his heart on his sleeve and often cannot see the bad in others, always willing to trust and take their word on things. He has a smile for everyone, and a warm, heartfelt laugh that endears himself to people - he's everyone's favourite second son. He carries around his neck at all times the amulet that he was discovered with. He feels that it his only link to his true parents and as such feels more comfortable and at home with it on.

Barden is crushingly shy though, especially when it comes to members of the fairer sex. Although he tries not to and really wishes he didn't, when a female speaks to him he falls to pieces, often blushing, mumbling under his breath or stumbling over his words. Times like that make him wish that the ground would open up and swallow him.

He doesn't realise it yet, but he will soon see his dreams become a reality, however in a way that he will not like at all


Despite his easygoing, trusting nature, Barden is a mystery to most in Lonelywood. As a babe he was left on the riverbank in swaddling cloth. He was stumbled upon by a fisherman who took the babe to one of the farms on the outskirts of the village. Brought up on the farm, Barden is no stranger to hard work and toil, and in fact appreciates the work that he does and the chance to help his surrogate father and mother.

He knows nothing of his true mother and father, in fact nobody in the village does and Barden quickly learnt that such a line of questioning would not lead him anywhere so gave up a while back on finding out who his parents are.

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Image of Barden Chosk
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